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JPC provides pharmaceutical consulting services which support client programs inclusive of small molecules to biologic products from pre-clinical through post marketing.

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Improving Modern Pharma

Improving modern pharma

JPC helps companies work with Regulators to develop critical therapies and medicines quickly and safely to ensure that those programs do the most good for the most people.

I have worked with many professionals throughout my journey, but Peter is a unique one to work with. Peter is one of the best people I had as a partner. I highly recommend his expertise to any person looking for ‘the Expert’ in CMC and Quality Assurance. He is the most qualified person I have met. His ability to tackle any problem is remarkable, and he has helped our team come up with more efficient solutions on different projects.
image of Anna Eramo
- Anna Eramo, Chief Medical Officer at LB Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Peter is a wonderful colleague: very helpful, smart, and a hard worker. Peter has contributed significantly to our projects: analytical support and development; and protein purification process. One of his strengths is his great communication skill. Peter is a good team player; and I would recommend him to any research team.
image of Titik Dain
- Titik Dain, Research Associate III-Analytical Lead at Baxter International, Inc.
We are a small successful cosmetic company with the goal of bringing an API candidate of our invention from lab scale synthesis through Phase 1. We are climbing Mt. Everest for the first time having only prior experience with small hills, and we were in need of a superb Sherpa. That Sherpa is Peter Jordan.
image of Michael Silver
- Michael Silver, Zanfel Laboratories